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Islamic Wazaif all problems would be the world’s best, easy and genuine service that offers you full solution for your all form of problem. Here, we are sharing your best Wazaif service given it is checked and user friendly so you no longer need to take any other form of service. Islamic Wazaif all problems would be the guaranteed service that offers you prosperity for your existence. If you want to get light and happiness that you saw then you can use Islamic Wazaif all troubles services because it offers you tension free life since after using it it’s simple to remove your whole form of problem or worries you will ever have.


Islamic Wazifa for Issues

Islamic Wazifa for problems service is incredibly nice service but the item always gives best results or dreamy leads to you as you want that you saw. If you want to change your present and future as a result of nothing is doing special in your present you may use Islamic Wazifa with regard to problems services. It will really change to your provide, future, and we give you guarantee that you’ll be successful and delightful with the using of our Islamic Wazifa with regard to problems services.


Islamic Wazifa with regard to Problems in Urdu

If you should use Islamic Wazifa with regard to problems in Urdu service then it’s sure that our god is each time with us because this kind of service has many power to attract the lord. If you do worship with full heart and faith then you will definately get great solution for your short lived problem. If you are throughout problem and now you would like to take help of god then use Islamic Wazifa for troubles in Urdu service because of it offers you your desired solution to your problems


Qurani Wazaif with regard to Problems

Here you can uncover some unsolved solution for your problems if you have to use Qurani Wazaif with regard to problems service because this service has the ability to solve your any form of problem. If you would like to know cure about your problems or diseases you may treatment by Qurani Wazaif with regard to problems services. If you are in suffer then decide on your desired Wazaif and start reciting and we are sure that god almighty help regarding you. If you have strong feelings in your worship, then god encourage your request and give you approved results according in your desire.

Qurani Wazifa with regard to Confidence

If you think which you have less confidence then Qurani Wazifa for confidence service will help to you because it provides some spiritual powers that could change your physical design. If you are not necessarily strong from internally you may use Qurani Wazifa with regard to confidence service for enhance your confidence?

If you are seeking here when getting spiritual help then you are at good place as a result of we have also world’s ideal team of Qurani Wazifa with regard to confidence service that offers you more ultimate solution. The following, you can do also free consult with our specialists.

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Iman (Faith)

1) Unity of God 2) His Angels 3) His Books 4) His Prophets 5) The Last Day (Qiyaamah) 6) Dive Decrees

Zikar (زكَر)

1) Tasbeeh (Subhan ALLAH) 2) Tahmeed (Alhamdullilah) 3) Taheel (Laa ilaaha ill-ALLAH) 4) Takbeer (ALLAH akbar)


1) Jumma'h Prayer 2) Make much Dua'h 3) Read Surah Al-Kauf 4) Durood Shareef


1. Subhan ALLAH × 33 2. Alhamdulliah × 33 3. ALLAHuakbar × 33 +la illaha illalah hu Wahdahu lashrikalahu lahulmulku walahul hamdu wahuwa ala kulli shai in qadeer

Salaat / Namaz

1) Fajr (The Light, complexion ) 2) Zuhur (Wealth) 3) Asr (Health, cure) 4) Maghrib (Successful future) 5) Isha (Peaceful sleep) ------------------------------------------------- *Tahajjud (Night Prayer)


"The inner struggle of one within himself" •Jihad of the heart (jihad bil qalb/nafs) •Jihad by the tongue (jihad bil lisan) •Jihad by the hand (jihad bil yad) •Jihad by the sword (jihad bis saif)

Hijirian Year 1434

1) Muharram (2nd sacred month) 2) Safar 3) Rabi' Ⅰ 4) Rabi' Ⅱ 5) Jumada Ⅰ 6) Jumada Ⅱ 7) Rajab (3rd sacred month) 8) Sha'ban 9) Ramadan (Most venerated month) ● 10 July 10) Shawwal (Six more roza after eid) ● 8 Aug 11) Qi'dah ● 7 Sep 12) Hijjah (Hajj) ● 6 Oct ------------------------------------------------------- *Eid ul Fitr - 1st Shawwal (Meethi Eid) *Eid al Adha - 10th Hijjah (Great Eid) -------------------------------------------------------


1) Fajr ● 2+(2) = 4 2) Zuhur ● 4+(4)+2+2 = 12 3) Asr ● 4+(4) = 8 4) Maghrib ● (3)+2+2 = 7 5) Isha ● 4+(4)+2+2+3+2 = 17 --------------------------------------------------------- *Tahajjud ● (2+2+2+2)+3 = 11 *Only one Witar one night *Taraweeh ● 4+(4)+2+2+(2*10)+3+2 = 37

When Facing Hardship

1) Sabr (صْبِرْ ) 2) Shukr (شكر) 3) Rida (رضا/رضى ) 4) Tawwakul (تَوَكُل)

Roza (Fasting)

1) Ramadan + 6 days after Eid 2) Muharram (10th Muharram) 3) Rajab (27th Rajab) 4) Rajab → Sha'ban → (Ramadan) 5) Dhul-qidah, Dhul-hijjah 6) Monday / Thursday 7) 13, 14, 15 (Hijni)

We Say Everytime

Assalamu'Alaikum / Wa'alaikumusssalam InshaALLAH / MashaALLAH JazakALLAH / Ahsan al Jaza Alhamdulillah Subhanallah Astaghfirullah Fi Amanillah

3 Steps

1) Fana 2) Baqa 3) Liqa

Salutatory abbreviation

(S.A.W.) Sallahu'alayhi wa salaam ● Holy Prophet (A.S.) Alayhis salaam ● Other Prophets (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anhu ● M.companion of Prophet (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anha ● F.companion of Prophet (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anhum ● P.companions of Prophe

Five Pillars

1) Kalima / Shahad 2) Namaz / Salaat 3) Roza / Fasting 4) Hajj 5) Zakat