Allah has made men and ladies as organization for each other, thus that they can multiply and live in peace and serenity as indicated by the rules of Allah and the bearings gracious His Messenger. Marriage is likewise a demonstration satisfying to Allah since it is as per his instructions that couple love each other and help each other to endeavor endeavors to proceed with mankind. The Shari’ah has endorsed nitty gritty guidelines for making an interpretation of this reaction into a living human organization strengthened an entire structure of lawfully authorized rights and obligations. The Prophet considered marriage for a Muslim as half of his religion it shields him from sins, which at last prompts to numerous different disasters.

Islamic Taweez for Love Marriage

Solid Islamic Taweez For Lost Love BackTaweez implies beguile and there are many sorts of taweez for some reasons. Taweez is most famous among the Muslims on the grounds that taweez contains assortments of Quran verses. Taweez are otherworldly method for taking care of are basic life’s issues. On the off chance that one is experiencing this issue and worried with the obstacles in defacing you cherished one then one can take Islamic taweez for adoration marriage. This solid taweez for marriage will help you to accomplish your objectives for your life whereby, you will live joyfully. Adore marriage is vital occasion for each individual and each individual need to get the affection for their life, where guardians are concurred with the adoration for their kids and acknowledge them with all due regard and joy.

Solid and Powerful Taweez for Love Marriage in Urdu

Intense Taweez For Love Marriage in UrduIn Islam as specified in sacred texts in Arabic and Urdu verses that very order of Allah and message must be trailed by the Muslims with all confidence. Islam licenses for adoration marriage, the young lady and kid who like each other and will get into the connection of marriage some of the time they go over many inconveniences and obstacles because of guardians, families . Islamic taweez for adoration marriage is prescribed by the expert or Molvi to turn out from this issue. Best dua in urdu as said in sacred Quran will manage you with the implications moreover. Solid taweez for adoration marriage is to be recounted with all confidence in Almighty Allah that he is the most tolerant and will dependably give his gifts. There are even moment aftereffects of capable taweez for adoration marriage in Urdu with help of which every one of the snags are expelled and couple can wed with no obstacle. Taweez for lost love back Amal or learning is not a simple assignment. Nobody can sit back in light of thought and record solid taweez for affection marriage.

Islamic Taweez For Getting Your Lost Love Back

One ought to have an awesome learning and aptitudes in rehearsing intense taweez for affection marriage. Researchers and pros who have ilm e taweez with help of studies. In the event that one has picked up ilm then they can direct and discuss taweez for affection back. Tashkeer e khalayeq or solid taweez for adoration marriage is to be discussed and polished by the individual who has asool o qawayed as indicated by which one who has offered Salah 40 times and Sunnah according to Islamic Hadith. Effective taweez for affection marriage in Urdu is loaded with peace and concordance it is solid Naqssh or metaphorical squares made on a paper that is identified with asma e ilahi. Islamic taweez for affection marriage is to be polished on full moonlight of Thursday. Before doing this Amal of taweez for adoration back and recording it 3 days in continuation one ought to present Durood Shareef. Furthermore, after third day begin with the solid taweez for adoration marriage.

Iman (Faith)

1) Unity of God 2) His Angels 3) His Books 4) His Prophets 5) The Last Day (Qiyaamah) 6) Dive Decrees

Zikar (زكَر)

1) Tasbeeh (Subhan ALLAH) 2) Tahmeed (Alhamdullilah) 3) Taheel (Laa ilaaha ill-ALLAH) 4) Takbeer (ALLAH akbar)


1) Jumma'h Prayer 2) Make much Dua'h 3) Read Surah Al-Kauf 4) Durood Shareef


1. Subhan ALLAH × 33 2. Alhamdulliah × 33 3. ALLAHuakbar × 33 +la illaha illalah hu Wahdahu lashrikalahu lahulmulku walahul hamdu wahuwa ala kulli shai in qadeer

Salaat / Namaz

1) Fajr (The Light, complexion ) 2) Zuhur (Wealth) 3) Asr (Health, cure) 4) Maghrib (Successful future) 5) Isha (Peaceful sleep) ------------------------------------------------- *Tahajjud (Night Prayer)


"The inner struggle of one within himself" •Jihad of the heart (jihad bil qalb/nafs) •Jihad by the tongue (jihad bil lisan) •Jihad by the hand (jihad bil yad) •Jihad by the sword (jihad bis saif)

Hijirian Year 1434

1) Muharram (2nd sacred month) 2) Safar 3) Rabi' Ⅰ 4) Rabi' Ⅱ 5) Jumada Ⅰ 6) Jumada Ⅱ 7) Rajab (3rd sacred month) 8) Sha'ban 9) Ramadan (Most venerated month) ● 10 July 10) Shawwal (Six more roza after eid) ● 8 Aug 11) Qi'dah ● 7 Sep 12) Hijjah (Hajj) ● 6 Oct ------------------------------------------------------- *Eid ul Fitr - 1st Shawwal (Meethi Eid) *Eid al Adha - 10th Hijjah (Great Eid) -------------------------------------------------------


1) Fajr ● 2+(2) = 4 2) Zuhur ● 4+(4)+2+2 = 12 3) Asr ● 4+(4) = 8 4) Maghrib ● (3)+2+2 = 7 5) Isha ● 4+(4)+2+2+3+2 = 17 --------------------------------------------------------- *Tahajjud ● (2+2+2+2)+3 = 11 *Only one Witar one night *Taraweeh ● 4+(4)+2+2+(2*10)+3+2 = 37

When Facing Hardship

1) Sabr (صْبِرْ ) 2) Shukr (شكر) 3) Rida (رضا/رضى ) 4) Tawwakul (تَوَكُل)

Roza (Fasting)

1) Ramadan + 6 days after Eid 2) Muharram (10th Muharram) 3) Rajab (27th Rajab) 4) Rajab → Sha'ban → (Ramadan) 5) Dhul-qidah, Dhul-hijjah 6) Monday / Thursday 7) 13, 14, 15 (Hijni)

We Say Everytime

Assalamu'Alaikum / Wa'alaikumusssalam InshaALLAH / MashaALLAH JazakALLAH / Ahsan al Jaza Alhamdulillah Subhanallah Astaghfirullah Fi Amanillah

3 Steps

1) Fana 2) Baqa 3) Liqa

Salutatory abbreviation

(S.A.W.) Sallahu'alayhi wa salaam ● Holy Prophet (A.S.) Alayhis salaam ● Other Prophets (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anhu ● M.companion of Prophet (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anha ● F.companion of Prophet (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anhum ● P.companions of Prophe

Five Pillars

1) Kalima / Shahad 2) Namaz / Salaat 3) Roza / Fasting 4) Hajj 5) Zakat