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Muslim Vashikaran In Urdu

Muslim vashikaran specialist are like normal people after we see by our eyes but after we talk to them then we find actually not normal human since they have some special information about the world or universe. Some Muslim vashikaran specialist are extraordinary person as they are not living like a typical person. Most of Muslim vashikaran specialist are famous for his or her vashikaran knowledge as they are expert in vashikaran knowledge and in addition they have huge knowledge of vashikaran that’s why they can solve virtually any vashikaran related problem. You also can contact us if you need to apply vashikaran on an individual person.

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If you need to do vashikaran service then you might be at right place because here we are providing Muslim vashikaran solutions by state wise. One example is Muslim vashikaran specialist in Delhi service easily obtainable in Delhi so there you possibly can advantage of this services. We know that people never have more time to meet with us so we are starting these kind of services whereby everybody will get cure for their issues. Muslim vashikaran specialist in Delhi is boon regarding Delhi’s people so hurry up.

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Muslim vashikaran specialist can attract or hypnotize to anyone person without resorting to any physical things as they are experts in these form of tactics. If you have some problem relevant to vashikaran or hypnotism you’ll be able to contact to Muslim vashikaran specialist. They will help of someone to hypnotize to your opposition person. Muslim vashikaran specialist Ahmedabad is among which service as we are telling to you considering live in Ahmedabad you’ll be able to use Muslim vashikaran specialist Ahmedabad service.

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Before sometimes-Muslim vashikaran specialist was very rare in our country as they are spiritual prayers who choose to live in forests or even peaceful places where they will do their worship. People used to head out Muslim vashikaran specialist once they were in problems but now nowadays Muslim vashikaran specialist are now being professional because they wish to help of needy one that need help of vashikaran or even hypnotism. Muslim vashikaran specialist Mumbai is most famous service which we offering to Mumbai’s people. For anyone who is citizen of Mumbai then we can easily understand you problem of timing that’s why we are providing for your requirements Muslim vashikaran specialist Mumbai services by online also, whereby every needy person could call us and get natural cure for his or her problems.


Iman (Faith)

1) Unity of God 2) His Angels 3) His Books 4) His Prophets 5) The Last Day (Qiyaamah) 6) Dive Decrees

Zikar (زكَر)

1) Tasbeeh (Subhan ALLAH) 2) Tahmeed (Alhamdullilah) 3) Taheel (Laa ilaaha ill-ALLAH) 4) Takbeer (ALLAH akbar)


1) Jumma'h Prayer 2) Make much Dua'h 3) Read Surah Al-Kauf 4) Durood Shareef


1. Subhan ALLAH × 33 2. Alhamdulliah × 33 3. ALLAHuakbar × 33 +la illaha illalah hu Wahdahu lashrikalahu lahulmulku walahul hamdu wahuwa ala kulli shai in qadeer

Salaat / Namaz

1) Fajr (The Light, complexion ) 2) Zuhur (Wealth) 3) Asr (Health, cure) 4) Maghrib (Successful future) 5) Isha (Peaceful sleep) ------------------------------------------------- *Tahajjud (Night Prayer)


"The inner struggle of one within himself" •Jihad of the heart (jihad bil qalb/nafs) •Jihad by the tongue (jihad bil lisan) •Jihad by the hand (jihad bil yad) •Jihad by the sword (jihad bis saif)

Hijirian Year 1434

1) Muharram (2nd sacred month) 2) Safar 3) Rabi' Ⅰ 4) Rabi' Ⅱ 5) Jumada Ⅰ 6) Jumada Ⅱ 7) Rajab (3rd sacred month) 8) Sha'ban 9) Ramadan (Most venerated month) ● 10 July 10) Shawwal (Six more roza after eid) ● 8 Aug 11) Qi'dah ● 7 Sep 12) Hijjah (Hajj) ● 6 Oct ------------------------------------------------------- *Eid ul Fitr - 1st Shawwal (Meethi Eid) *Eid al Adha - 10th Hijjah (Great Eid) -------------------------------------------------------


1) Fajr ● 2+(2) = 4 2) Zuhur ● 4+(4)+2+2 = 12 3) Asr ● 4+(4) = 8 4) Maghrib ● (3)+2+2 = 7 5) Isha ● 4+(4)+2+2+3+2 = 17 --------------------------------------------------------- *Tahajjud ● (2+2+2+2)+3 = 11 *Only one Witar one night *Taraweeh ● 4+(4)+2+2+(2*10)+3+2 = 37

When Facing Hardship

1) Sabr (صْبِرْ ) 2) Shukr (شكر) 3) Rida (رضا/رضى ) 4) Tawwakul (تَوَكُل)

Roza (Fasting)

1) Ramadan + 6 days after Eid 2) Muharram (10th Muharram) 3) Rajab (27th Rajab) 4) Rajab → Sha'ban → (Ramadan) 5) Dhul-qidah, Dhul-hijjah 6) Monday / Thursday 7) 13, 14, 15 (Hijni)

We Say Everytime

Assalamu'Alaikum / Wa'alaikumusssalam InshaALLAH / MashaALLAH JazakALLAH / Ahsan al Jaza Alhamdulillah Subhanallah Astaghfirullah Fi Amanillah

3 Steps

1) Fana 2) Baqa 3) Liqa

Salutatory abbreviation

(S.A.W.) Sallahu'alayhi wa salaam ● Holy Prophet (A.S.) Alayhis salaam ● Other Prophets (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anhu ● M.companion of Prophet (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anha ● F.companion of Prophet (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anhum ● P.companions of Prophe

Five Pillars

1) Kalima / Shahad 2) Namaz / Salaat 3) Roza / Fasting 4) Hajj 5) Zakat