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hello friends we realize that here you want to know about Islamic dua that will what the Islamic dua is within Islamic religion and how to work in each of our daily routine existence. Here we are likely to give you speedy definition of Islamic dua whereby using understand that actually what exactly is the Islamic dua and how to do best Islamic dua in your general life. Dua could be the Islamic word, which that derives from Arabic language, also it means to telephone someone by praise. According to Islam, dua could be the informal worship involving Allah, which we do for our needs or wishes. Best Islamic dua make us a not so formal prayer of Allah whereby you can get anything once we have wishes in your mind.

Islamic Dua For Depression

Although, Islamic dua could be the good syrup for just about any problem but here we will examine some basic items. Islamic dua is the best remedies when you really feel depression because Islamic dua offers us boost or power to fight with depression if you are getting depression you may use Islamic dua pertaining to depression. Depression could be the common things, which we join bad time or serious condition. Suppose if you’re suffering, some problems coming from sometime then you will definately get depression because it’s natural so within this situation you should utilize to Islamic dua pertaining to depression.

Islamic Dua For  Protection

In this process there isn’t any actual structure involving Islamic dua that the way you can do movements and saying throughout Islamic dua so that you can do informally praise of Allah coming from full faith and soul and obtain your desire issue. If you are usually scare from some undefined reason you cannot share with anyone you may use Islamic dua for protection by yourself at internally foundation. If you want to live protectively in your life without any troubles you may use Islamic dua pertaining to protection because within this process, you can say your problem directly to god and you no longer need to tell about it to anyone man or woman.

Islamic Dua For Stress

If you have stress as a result of you have large amount of pressure of many style of things in your life that is why you’re not doing work properly in your life then you have to have Islamic dua pertaining to stress because Islamic dua provides you with mentally power to control your problems and also difficulties whereby you are able to live systematically in your life. When we attend large amount of workload or pressure in your life then we all get stress in your mind due for you to more workload. Islamic dua for stress is the best option for you if you need to get rid involving stress by normally.

Islamic Dua for cash

If you are fighting along with your financial problems in your life then you may help of Islamic dua for cash because it provides you with solution that in which you are doing mistake in your life. It will let you know that list of positive actions now to have more money. If you have to use Islamic dua for cash at daily basis then you will definitely get favorable results in your life.

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Iman (Faith)

1) Unity of God 2) His Angels 3) His Books 4) His Prophets 5) The Last Day (Qiyaamah) 6) Dive Decrees

Zikar (زكَر)

1) Tasbeeh (Subhan ALLAH) 2) Tahmeed (Alhamdullilah) 3) Taheel (Laa ilaaha ill-ALLAH) 4) Takbeer (ALLAH akbar)


1) Jumma'h Prayer 2) Make much Dua'h 3) Read Surah Al-Kauf 4) Durood Shareef


1. Subhan ALLAH × 33 2. Alhamdulliah × 33 3. ALLAHuakbar × 33 +la illaha illalah hu Wahdahu lashrikalahu lahulmulku walahul hamdu wahuwa ala kulli shai in qadeer

Salaat / Namaz

1) Fajr (The Light, complexion ) 2) Zuhur (Wealth) 3) Asr (Health, cure) 4) Maghrib (Successful future) 5) Isha (Peaceful sleep) ------------------------------------------------- *Tahajjud (Night Prayer)


"The inner struggle of one within himself" •Jihad of the heart (jihad bil qalb/nafs) •Jihad by the tongue (jihad bil lisan) •Jihad by the hand (jihad bil yad) •Jihad by the sword (jihad bis saif)

Hijirian Year 1434

1) Muharram (2nd sacred month) 2) Safar 3) Rabi' Ⅰ 4) Rabi' Ⅱ 5) Jumada Ⅰ 6) Jumada Ⅱ 7) Rajab (3rd sacred month) 8) Sha'ban 9) Ramadan (Most venerated month) ● 10 July 10) Shawwal (Six more roza after eid) ● 8 Aug 11) Qi'dah ● 7 Sep 12) Hijjah (Hajj) ● 6 Oct ------------------------------------------------------- *Eid ul Fitr - 1st Shawwal (Meethi Eid) *Eid al Adha - 10th Hijjah (Great Eid) -------------------------------------------------------


1) Fajr ● 2+(2) = 4 2) Zuhur ● 4+(4)+2+2 = 12 3) Asr ● 4+(4) = 8 4) Maghrib ● (3)+2+2 = 7 5) Isha ● 4+(4)+2+2+3+2 = 17 --------------------------------------------------------- *Tahajjud ● (2+2+2+2)+3 = 11 *Only one Witar one night *Taraweeh ● 4+(4)+2+2+(2*10)+3+2 = 37

When Facing Hardship

1) Sabr (صْبِرْ ) 2) Shukr (شكر) 3) Rida (رضا/رضى ) 4) Tawwakul (تَوَكُل)

Roza (Fasting)

1) Ramadan + 6 days after Eid 2) Muharram (10th Muharram) 3) Rajab (27th Rajab) 4) Rajab → Sha'ban → (Ramadan) 5) Dhul-qidah, Dhul-hijjah 6) Monday / Thursday 7) 13, 14, 15 (Hijni)

We Say Everytime

Assalamu'Alaikum / Wa'alaikumusssalam InshaALLAH / MashaALLAH JazakALLAH / Ahsan al Jaza Alhamdulillah Subhanallah Astaghfirullah Fi Amanillah

3 Steps

1) Fana 2) Baqa 3) Liqa

Salutatory abbreviation

(S.A.W.) Sallahu'alayhi wa salaam ● Holy Prophet (A.S.) Alayhis salaam ● Other Prophets (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anhu ● M.companion of Prophet (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anha ● F.companion of Prophet (R.A.) Radi Allahu'Anhum ● P.companions of Prophe

Five Pillars

1) Kalima / Shahad 2) Namaz / Salaat 3) Roza / Fasting 4) Hajj 5) Zakat