Get Money With Jinnat

For your information, Jinn Nasibin is rich jinn. It possesses many valuable treasures and it is very generous to those who can conjure it successfully.

Below are the terms and conditions:

You must fast for 1 day starting on Tuesday.

But first, perform tawassul to Jinn Nasibin by reciting Al-Fatiha 41x.

Recite Surah Al-Jin ayat 6 continuously until the jinn comes to you.

Jinn Nasibin has a head of around 2m with bulging eyes such as that of the lime. Its tongue is around 70cm long and 30cm wide. You will be asked to put your hands in its mouth to get whatever treasure is inside.

Just a word of reminder …

Jin Nasibin’s mouth has the odour of rotten corpse that is only if you can withstand the smell then you would be able to fetch the treasure from its mouth.

As usual, practise this ritual at your own risk.